Announcement of a new book Issuance

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Ministry of National Education

National Institute of Research on Education

Announcement of a new book Issuance

      In the frame of the common collaboration between the National Institute of Research on Education and the National Child Forum, a new book was issued by  the National Institute of Research on Education entitled:” Developmental and academic learning difficulties in the light of modern technology between understanding and confrontation” supervised by the Director of the Institute Pr. Bernaoui Radia and Pr. Chena Ahmed, president of the civic society Academy and Pr. Boukaoula Zahra, President of the National Child Forum.

     Elite professors and researchers from different universities of the country (Algeria) contributed to writing this book.

    The book highlights the developmental and academic learning difficulties, namely, dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia which have become a real challenge for school in the recent years. In addition to demonstrating the role and importance of new technology in caring for children with learning disabilities.

    This book aims to present studies and new field research relevant to the problematic of learning difficulties and remedial programs and consulting the most important practical and theoretical developments in the field, it also aims to exchange expertise between practitioners and research professors in the field of learning difficulties.


 فهرس الكتاب.

صعوبات التعلم النمائية والأكاديمية في ظل التكنولوجيا الحديثة بين الفهم و المواجهة.