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Call for papers for volume 10 number 01 of Educrecherche

The Algerian school facing covid-19. Containment and its effect on education

Directed by Pr Radia BERNAOUI

The deadline of submission of the articules : 10 june 2021


Currently, we live a unique situation of our era, the covid-19 pandemic. This world health crisis is a major challenge that we must fight to get recovered at all levels. Algeria is fighting to stop the fast spread of the epidemic. We are aware that this health crisis that forced us to stay home will push us to review the education system, the teaching and research in terms of creativity during the digital age. The digital transition must stimulate the collective intelligence culture and collaborative innovation for pupils, teachers and researchers. How do we adapt to a forced daily basis and what are the constraints engendered by the containment on our teaching and learning practices for pupils? This pandemic is not only a severe health crisis that forces us to stay home but it also dictates us to rethink our way of working, to reconsider and act in order to face the total stop of our activities of teaching for our pupils , our colleagues, our collaborators and our proceeding. How do we react to a mutualization of knowledge and a share of information in order to avoid this disturbing universal pause which imposes itself on meeting the other whose goal is to teach, learn and innovate for a sustainable development.

The present call for contribution on “The Algerian school facing covid-19. Containment and its effect on education” is directly linked to the use of ICT viewed as excellent integration opportunities of new pedagogical, scientific and technological resources allowing to increase learning flexibility, improving communication between teachers, researchers and pupils and to enhance the interaction between them.

Therefore, a high level of mobilization of education sector and other relevant stakeholders must ensure the continuity of education focusing on the utilization of technologies in the educative context.

The call for contribution is intended to be a comprehension of covid-19 impact on the Algerian school and attitudes, practices and strategies of the educative community (pupils, teachers, inspectors, administration, decision-makers). So, this call aims to collect articles in (Arabic, French, English…) on the questions of the Algerian school facing covid-19, not only at education sciences level but at technological innovation level as well.

This special number is then open to the following question ( non-exhaustive list):

-The first axis aims to gather the scientific contributions that deal with professional impacts issues of covid-19 on the teachers of the three levels, especially the understanding of the application methods of school programs during covid-19.

-The second axis is about the collection of investigations regarding the appropriation of pedagogical and social impacts of covid-19 on pupils.

-The third axis deals with the problematic of training the trainers during the digital era and the appreciation of ICT in the age of covid-19 (distance education, computer equipment in school institutions, uses and users of ICT…).

  The fourth axis aims to deal with a school of quality (digitization of programs and textbooks,

rethinking the pedagogical report, rethinking the modes and modalities of school knowledge

transmission…) in order to ensure the pedagogical continuity through the use of digitization .

The last axis is specifically dedicated to pedagogical and social impacts issues; particularly to

the assessment of pedagogical practices in the covid-19 era at the international level. This is

to understand the positioning of the case of the Algerian school worldwide.

The expected articles could be theoretically, methodologically and empirically positioned.

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