Commemoration ceremony of November 1st

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Ministry of National Education

National Institute of Research on Education


On the occasion of the sixty seventh (67th) anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious liberation revolution corresponding to November 1st, 2021, the National Institute of Research on Education has organized a celebration in memory of the anniversary which included many activities starting by reciting verses of the holy Quran followed by the Algerian National anthem.

   After that, the Director of the institute Professor Radia Bernaoui, gave a speech  where she expressed her pride of the blessed revolution. The guest of honor Dr. “Rekoud Lahcen”- a lecture at Algiers 2 university- who gave a lecture entitled “ The Statement of The first of November Between The  Strategical Importance  and Future Perspectives ” in which he valorized the spiritual value of the Statement and its symbolism for Algeria of yesterday and Algeria of tomorrow.

Coincident with that, the institute organized a book fair and a workshop of drawing and coloring the National flag and national slogans in which the children of the institute’s employees took part, this workshop aimed at linking the new generation to the national flag as a historical symbol in order to inculcate the national values.

The celebration was concluded by honoring the guest honor Dr. “Rekoud Lahcen” and presenting the workshop activities of children then a commemorative photo was taken on this occasion.

“Glory and eternity to our virtuous martyrs”




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