Department of scientific production in education and documentary holdings

The department is in charge of:
-Training the scientific and technical information and ensuring its conservation and dissemination.
-Assessing the didactical and the pedagogical supports of intervention in education.
-Approving and validating the didactical means and the pedagogical supports in education.
-Implementing the thematic programs suggested by the editorial committees for the magazines.
-Ensuring the care and the follow-up of publication of magazines, notebooks and works of the institute.
-Ensuring the quality of publications and respect of procedures of monitoring upstream and downstream of the publication process.
-Engaging, in conjunction with the administration services, in the formalities of publications with the printers and ensuring the technical quality of its services by monitoring all the steps of printing.
-Ensuring the elaboration of “mail of the institute” and its diffusion.
-Ensuring the follow-up of the techno-pedagogical production within the frame of innovation and integration of information technologies and communication in education.
-Ensuring the management, the development and the conservation of documentary holdings and scientific and technological archives.
The department includes two (02) services:
1- Service of publications
2- Service of scientific and pedagogical documentation.