Inauguration of « Inspiration » and « Radiant » gardens at the National Institute of Research on Education

Today, October 17th, 2021, the director of the National Institute for Educational Research Pr. Radia Bernaoui, has inaugurated the “Inspiration” and “Radiant” gardens located in the National Institute of Research on Education.
The initiative of creating these two gardens came to create a friendly environment for professional and scientific exchanges and creating a good working atmosphere.
The “Inspiration” garden of the media library is a space of convenience, share and relaxation dedicated to researchers where they can meet and enjoy the sun, green space and quietness in order to exchange ideas, working together and organizing workshops.
The creation of the “Radiant” garden coincided with the international children’s day celebrated this year under the theme “Children Education for the Environment Protection. Between Learning and Practice”. The garden is dedicated to children of the National Institute of Research on Education employees who participated in its arrangement through a workshop of arboriculture.

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