The history of the INRE

    The National Institute of Research on Education was created in 1962 in accordance with the decree No.62-166 of December 31st, 1962 containing the creation of the National Pedagogical Institute which is the first designation of the institute after many changes that affected its organizational and functional course starting from 1968 after the promulgation of  the order No.86-428 of Rabie Ethani 13th, 1388 correspondent to July 9th, 1968 containing the reorganization of the National Pedagogical Institute .

The name of the National Institute of Research on Education was changed in 1966; its missions were in pedagogical and educational research and constant assessment in the educational system, elaboration and trial of didactical tools in addition to guarantying quantitative and qualitative needs of educational system in the frame of educational policy. Furthermore,   the Institute  is in charge  of  the  data bank creation besides to the  dissemination and distribution of research results  and all the works done in the frame of its missions. A steering board is governed by the Institute and directed by a Director-General, it also contains the two commissions of approval and homologation on the pedagogical tools  and supports according to the executive decree No.96-72 of Ramadan 7th, 1416 correspondent to January 27th, 1966 that abolishes the provisions of the order No.68-428 of June 9th, 1968.

In 2016, the Institute witnessed another transition with the issuance of the executive decree No.16-151 of Chaabane 16th, 1437 correspondent to May 23rd, 2016 containing the transformation of the National Institute of Research on Education into a public institution of a scientific and technological character which holds a sectorial character and subject to provisions of the executive decree No.11.396 of Dhi el Hija 28th, 1432 correspondent to November 24th ,2021.

This transformation formed a crucial juncture in the history of the Institute in realizing programs of scientific research and technological development in order to unify the efforts to meet the research and scientific needs for education sector, Algeria embodied the same project in the National Institute of Research on Education as a first and a unique experience.

The tremendous efforts made by both; the current and the previous administration of the Institute to complete the transition procedures are considered as an important step to promote the performance of the Institute and a serious attempt to lay new rules on which edifices of science and knowledge will be built to serve research in education followed by other steps to provide the adequate conditions to achieve the goals and missions of the Institute. It is worth mentioning that the administrative procedures in the light of this transition took so much time and effort.

   In May 17th, 2021 and in accordance with the previous decree, the minister of National Education  Ouajaout Mohamed installed 47 permanent researchers at the Institute with the presence of the minister of higher education and scientific research Abdelbaki Ben Zyan where the institute witnessed the real turning point in its scientific, technological and administrative course.


In June 8th of the same year, the minister of National Education;  Ouajaout supervised the installation of the scientific council of research in education at the National Institute of Research on Education in El Achour to complete his supervision on the official installation process of research professors at the Institute on May 22nd, 2021.