The history of the INRE


In 1962, the Algerian school was in charge of a very important heritage, constituted of an education system to national realities and requirements of the Algerian nation. The situation of the Algerian school was characterized by elements that we remember:

• A massive lack of pedagogical support worsened by the massive exodus of teachers of French after regaining our national independence.
• The necessity of a massive schooling to meet the legitimate aspirations of the Algerian population particularly in the rural areas.
• Incompatibility of school programs contents with the requirements of making the Algerian nation.
• Textbooks seemed like they belong to the colonial times with the ideological frame that this era carries. After the independence, the Ministry of National Education took the following emergency measures:
• Hiring a large number of teachers and the majority of them lack professional experience and academic qualifications.
• Immediate reforms of programs and teaching times.
• Introducing Arabic as a module to become a teaching language and occupying the core of the school programs.

These new decisions converge to a fundamental problem of textbooks and accompanying education material addressed to the schooling of our children.

From the beginning, an evidence imposes itself forcefully on all the responsible of education: the Algerian school can assert itself only by teaching textbooks. An essential instrument and a priority vehicle of every intellectual formation, the teaching textbook moves to the 1st plan of all concerns in terms of education. Therefore, since 1962, a new operational structure which had to concretely translate the new orientation of our national teaching was created in this case. The National Pedagogical Institute (IPN), a public institution of an administrative character (decree n° 62-166 of December 31st 1962).

The National Pedagogical Institute, this institution of an operational character would play a role of the 1st plan in the process of establishing the Algerian school. The Ministry of National Education considering the contribution of audiovisual is essential in the proper progress of the teaching methods, the decree n° 63-238 was promulgated on July, 3rd 1963 modifying the decree n° 62-166 related to the establishment of the National Pedagogical Institute. This amendment of the decree is related to establishing “the service of educative cinema” in the National Pedagogical Institute. Five years later, the pedagogical vocation of IPN is more accurately redefined by the ordinance n° 68-428 of July, 9th 1968 related to the organization of the IPN, particularly the articles 3 and 4 listed below in full.