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Integrating Algerian School into the Ecosystem of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

On the twenty-eighth of February in the year two thousand and twenty-four, a symposium titled “Integrating the Algerian School into the System of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Institutions” took place in the lecture hall of the National Institute for Research in Education, under the esteemed supervision of the Institute’s Director, Prof. Radia Bernaoui.

The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including His Excellency the Minister of National Education, Mr. Abdelhakim Belabed, and His Excellency the Minister of Knowledge Economy and Emerging Small Enterprises, Mr. Yacine El Mahdi Oualid. Representatives from the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies, the General Directorate for Scientific Research and Technological Development, and the National Institute of Industrial Property were also present, along with entrepreneurs from GAAN, ANPT and BRENCO. The Minister of Education delivered a speech highlighting the significant role of integrating entrepreneurship and innovation into the Algerian school system. He acknowledged the profound impact this integration could have on both social and economic aspects. Prof. Radia Bernaoui, the institute’s director, emphasized the necessity of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within the Algerian school. She stressed the importance of instilling a culture of innovation at an early age, enabling learners to acquire life skills that prepare them for entrepreneurial thinking before entering university. Following the symposium, an agreement was signed between the National Institute for Research in Education and the Algerian National Institute of Industrial Property. This marked the establishment of the Center for Technology and Innovation Support (CATI-INRE).

During the sessions, participants discussed the importance of knowledge exchange among stakeholders in scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and emerging institutions. The second session focused on the Algerian innovation and entrepreneurship system, showcasing successful experiences such as pathways in incubators and targeted investments to stimulate innovation—a challenge facing the Algerian school.

The third session delved into the significance of learning through play and intellectual property as a foundation for a child’s innovative rights. Various experiments were presented, demonstrating educational methods that simulate entrepreneurial realities and provide training on business concepts through educational games. Participants emphasized the need to strengthen the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship, and emerging institutions within the National School, aiming to shape a generation capable of integrating scientific and practical knowledge—a key pillar for sustainable development in Algeria.