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A Report on the Installation of Quality Insurance Unit

The Director of the National Institute of Research on Education Pr. Bernaoui Radia installed the Unit of quality insurance on December 27th, 2021 with the presence of the secretary general, the assistant Director, members of the Unit, heads of departments and services.

   The insurance quality unit is an advisory body belonging to the Director of the Institute which accompanies different internal services with the purpose of matching its activities and practices with the normative activities defined in the reference of quality. It is regarded as an innovative space to exchange ideas between all the members at the Institute to embody approaches of quality. This unit aims to:

-Spreading the culture of quality at the Institute and ensuring its implementation.

-Improving the effectiveness and the efficiency of the performance of all actors at the Institute.

-Integrating and developing good practices in accordance with the objectives set for the Institute.

-Suggesting and following the development of quality projects at the Institute.

-Following the internal assessment of governance fields, scientific research, life at the institute, scientific collaboration and relation with environment and infrastructures.

The unit  is composed  of four commissions in charge of following the good functioning of different departments and services and elaborating self-assessment reports: