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Workshops dedicated to children during the open doors of the Media Library ”Omar YACEF”

On November 9th, 2022, at the early hour of 9:00 am, the National Institute for Research in Education orchestrated an open day for the Media Library “Omar YACEF”. The purpose of this event was to establish a lasting connection between the education sector and the Institute. One of the main features of this event was workshops aimed towards children, including the TIFLI workshop, the storytelling morning workshop, and the workshop of Arabic Calligraphy.

The TIFLI workshop was conducted by Mrs. Faiza Toumi, who serves as the President of the Tifli association. During the workshop, the attending children were engaged in various educational games under her guidance.

The Morning of Storytelling Workshop, which captivated the children’s attention with enchanting tales, was expertly guided by Ms. Naima Mehailia, a professional storyteller.

The Arabic Calligraphy workshop was skillfully conducted by Dr. Mohamed Rebbahi, affording the children the opportunity to unveil the mysterious art of exquisite Arabic writing.

The school and its role in the protection of forests

In conjunction with the observance of the Arbor Day on October 25th, the National Institute for Research in Education, in collaboration with the National Institute of Forestry Research (INRF), arranged an awareness-raising day on November 7th, 2022, concerning the obligation of schools to safeguard forests.

Expert researchers form both Institutes, under the auspices of qualified professionals, directed a reforestation initiative in the inspiration garden, with the participation of schoolchildren

Ceremony of Commemoration, November 1st 2021

To commemorate the 67th anniversary of the dawn of the illustrious Algerian revolution, commensurate with November 1st, 2021, the National Institute for Research in Education orchestrated a solemn ceremony. An exhibition of literature and a workshop of artistic expression were included in the program. At this event, the children of the Institute’s staff were presented with the opportunity to sketch the national flag of Algeria and national slogans, thus engendering in them a sense of devotion and the appreciation of Algerian historical symbols. This served to impart the younger generation with a heightened appreciation for the values which are deemed to be emblematic of the nation.

International Children’s Day. “Education of children with environmental protection. Learning and practice”. June 01, 2021

In honor of International Children’s Day, which is observed annually on the first day of June, the National Institute for Research in Education commemorated this special day by promoting respect for, as well as the role and importance of, children’s rights. An additional objective was to heighten awareness of ongoing issues such as children’s rights, health, sustainable development, and the environment. The Institute’s director, Pr Bernaoui Radia, stressed the importance of the educational values pertaining to the theme of “The Education of Children on Environmental Protection: Learning and Practice”. This served to instill in children an appreciation of the importance of preserving the environment and ecological diversity.

Knowledge Day April 16. “Educational Activities Between the Past and the Digital Era”

On the occasion of the national day of knowledge (Yaoum El Ilm) and the 81st anniversary of the passing of Sheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis, the National Institute for Research in Education held a celebration on Saturday, April 15, 2021. This celebration was held in honor of the founder of the Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars and the leader of the revival of science and culture among the Algerian people during the colonial period. The theme of the celebration was “Educational Activities Between the Past and the Digital Era”, and it aimed to enrich the memories of the children of the Institute’s employees by imparting to them the highest ideals of patriotism and authenticity through a variety of informative, scientific, and entertaining activities.