People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of National Education
National Institute for Research in Education

A collaborative working environment and scientific research adapted to success

The division of Research in School and its Environment is in charge of conducting studies and works of research on:

  • School and society in Algeria: actors and institution;
  • School life: assimilations. discourses and practices;
  • Taking care. mediation and treatment in educational circles;
  • History of education in Algeria .

Division members :

Director of the division : Dr Ahmed DAOUDI

Dr Amina MOUSLIResearch team leader Researcher, Class B
Dr hafidha MOUKHENFERResearch team leader Researcher, Class B
Dr Aicha ZERGUIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Bachir RAHMIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Fadhila SAADATMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Houria CHERGUIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Khaoula ZIANIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Mouhssin BOULBAZINEMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Oussama BENYETTOUMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Riad ZERROUGUIMemberResearcher, Class B