People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of National Education
National Institute for Research in Education

A collaborative working environment and scientific research adapted to success

Director’s word

INRE, pillar of educational research in Algeria.

Professor R. BERNAOUI

Since its foundation, then its passage in 1996 to the National Institute of Research in Education bearing status and change of name from the National Pedagogical Institute (I.P.N) to National Institute of Research in Education (INRE) has known a remarkable development. INRE changes status from a Public Establishment of an Administrative Nature (EPA) to a Public Establishment of a Scientific and Technological Nature (EPST), with a sectoral vocation, placed under the supervision of the Minister in charge of National Education by executive decree of 23 May 2016. Today, the institute represents one of the most important centers of scientific research in Algeria in the field of education. This influence of INRE has also just been recognized by the Directorate General for Scientific Research and Technological Development (DGRSDT) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research during the meeting of January 16, 2021 of the first national conference of public establishments of a scientific and technological nature (EPST). This new approach encourages the institute to carry out research in pedagogy and education and to the permanent evaluation of the education system. Scientific investigations are mainly focused on the “research-action” approach as a way of linking research and practice in the field. The National Institute for Research in Education could constitute the center of excellence by pooling the knowledge produced by the various research teams, by promoting a choice of shared methodological tools and by initiating concerted decision-making. But beyond these statements, INRE will promote educational policies and practices on research results by improving scientific quality and providing evidence for action. The objective is to move towards innovation and progress for a quality school. This pooling of intellectual capital (skills, knowledge, knowledge, know-how, experience) is based on teams of researchers formed within the framework of projects structured around research divisions; namely: School and its environment; Educational governance; Teaching in didactics of disciplines and pedagogical innovation. Research is at the heart of INRE’s missions, governance is an approach that establishes the conditions for the functioning and organization of the educational research system based on a design focused on evaluation and results. It is considered as a field of political action at the service of the regulation of education in order to respond to the challenges of the sector and to contribute to its development. The institute participates in the development and dissemination of knowledge in the service of major scientific issues (research projects in the educational, pedagogical and didactic field; the educational governance of the training system and teaching programs; the development of means didactics and pedagogical tools in education). High-level research on major societal issues, even between the socio-cultural and economic environment of the country and the education system. The objective of the research activities is to diagnose the shortcomings noted in the functioning of the education system and to improve the performance of the educational institution and the quality of the education provided. We want INRE to be a center of excellence bringing together research on educational methods; disseminating and promoting the results of research in education; evaluating pedagogical innovations; developing research in educational technologies. The institute therefore wants to be a place of research, dissemination of knowledge, expertise, heritage conservation, exchange, training… We would like the National Institute for Research in Education through its scientific production, also using the intellectual capital of its employees and decision-makers will contribute to the creation of added value.

A collaborative work environment and scientific research adapted to success!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” (Helen Keller).

Professor R. BERNAOUI
Director of the National Institute for Research in Education (INRE)