People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of National Education
National Institute for Research in Education

A collaborative working environment and scientific research adapted to success

The Division of Research in Teaching, Didactics of Disciplines and Pedagogical Innovation is in charge of conducting studies and works of research on:

  • Assessing education programs and expertise of school books;
  • Didactics of Arabic and foreign languages and scientific disciplines and sociology;
  • Analyzing practices in class;
  • Modern pedagogies and technologies;
  • Education of information and communication technologies.

Division members :

Director of the division : Dr Abdelhamid ABISMAIL

Dr Iman BOUZERIAResearch team leader Researcher, Class B
Dr Zohra ADDARResearch team leader Researcher, Class B
Dr Ahlam BECHIRIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Djahid BOUTALEBMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Hamza ZERGUIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Keltoum DERKAOUIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Lynda BENBESSAIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Mahdia DAHMANIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Mohamed REBAHIMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Narimen MAAMIRMemberResearcher, Class B
Dr Samir HAFFACIMemberResearcher, Class B