People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of National Education
National Institute for Research in Education

A collaborative working environment and scientific research adapted to success

The department is in charge of:
  • Elaborating and realizing national programs of research in the educational, pedagogical and didactical field.
  • Collecting necessary elements for the identification of research projects to undertake as well as the data enabling their programming and their implementation.
  • Fostering and promoting the integration, the mastery and the progress of science and techniques as well as technological innovation in its field of activity.
  • Ensuring the training, the retraining and enhancement of research personnel. Contributing to the training through and for the research; ensuring the coordination and the follow-up of unities, sections and research teams.
  • Making a permanent assessment of the educational system with contrastive researches on the educational systems.
  • Assessing and analyzing the performance of the formation system.
  • Conducting assessment studies on the education programs.
  • Ensuring the assessment of unities, laboratories and research teams.
  • Conducting researches and promoting expertise on the governance and the financing of the educational system.
  • Ensuring the follow-up and the assessment of research projects of the institute in addition to studies that fall under the plan of research provisions on behalf of institutions and external organizations.
  • Monitoring the implementation and the efficiency of follow-up tools and projects.
  • Contributing to the follow-up of projects progress in accordance with the contracts provisions committed within the deadlines and budgets to projects.
  • Taking charge of the needs of researchers in charge of projects and ensuring their satisfaction through structures of support.
  • Elaborating and actualizing the textbook of researchers and institutions of research.
  • Supporting the scientific council in the evaluation of stages of projects and analyzing gaps and procedures of adjustment to undertake.
  • Ensuring the functioning and the development of actions of training through research in connection with the ministry, the universities and the partner institutes.
  • Ensuring the management and the development of information systems, database, applications and websites.
  • Ensuring collection, treatment, dissemination and saving of scientific and technical information in the field of education and pedagogy and make available to users.
It includes two services:
  • Service of follow-up of research projects and training through the research.
  • Service of networks and database.