People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of National Education
National Institute for Research in Education

A collaborative working environment and scientific research adapted to success

The department is responsible for:
  • to ensure the promotion and enhancement of scientific and technological production in the field of education;
  • ensure scientific monitoring of the transfer, appropriation and dissemination of scientific knowledge relating to education and training;
  • ensure the implementation, monitoring, media coverage and evaluation of national and international scientific events;
  • ensure coordination with national and international institutions and bodies, in particular laboratories, Research units and centres that conduct research programs close to or related to the institute’s field of interest in order to develop educational research programs and projects;
  • undertake any action to strengthen scientific cooperation at the national and international level in the area of competence of the institute.
It is organized into two services:
  • service for the exploitation of research results and scientific monitoring;
  • Service for scientific events, communication and external relations.