People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of National Education
National Institute for Research in Education

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In compliance with Executive Decree No. 3-330-17 of 26 Safar 1439, dated 15 November 2017, which establishes the modalities and conditions for obtaining accreditation and approval(Accreditation) of educational materials and the Extracurricular Textbook;

The approval commission is accountable for the following:

  • Creating detailed evaluation grids that consider pedagogical, scientific, technical, and artistic characteristics that are unique to each supplementary and consumable resource and extracurricular textbook.
  • Assessing projects that pertain to supplementary and consumable resources, as well as extracurricular textbooks, based on technical specifications.

The approval commission’s composition and operation will be determined through a ministerial order issued by the national education minister.

In light of the Executive Decree of 28 Joumada al-thani 1440, dated 5 March 2019, which sets out the forms and conditions of use for the approval(Accreditation) process, supplementary and consumable resources, as well as extracurricular textbooks, and the slogan applied during registration;

The Technical Secretariat of the approvalcommission is required to undertake the following responsibilities, as per Article 16:

  • Take in applications and registration documents.
  • Confirm that the content of the submitted files conforms to the rules.
  • Keep a numbered log of authentication requests.
  • Ensure that all files submitted are prepared correctly and the concerned individual can be called upon to complete them.
  • Develop the agenda for commission meetings within the legal timeframes.
  • Prepare and issue summons to commission members within the prescribed deadlines, along with the files related to the authentication requests.
  • Coordinate travel and lodging arrangements for commission members attending regular or special meetings.
  • Draft minutes of meetings held by the commission.
  • Gather and preserve all necessary documents and archives required for the commission’s operation.
  • Prepare registration decisions and submit them to the Chairperson of the Board for approval.