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Communication and Information Unit Installation

 On the 25th of October 2021, The National Institute of Research on Education has organized a meeting to install the Communication and Information Unit. The meeting was attended by The Communication and information unit team, the head of departments, heads of services and the secretary general of the Institute.

  The Communication and Information Unit encompasses four (04) important poles as listed below:

–          Technologies of Information and Communication Pole (TIC).

–          Technologies of Information and communication in Education Pole (TICE).

–          Editorial and Scientific Manifestations Pole.

–          Audiovisual Information Pole.

The Communication and Information Unit is considered as a link between the researchers, the directorate, the administration, and all the people who are interested in education field and in the Institute’s activities, it aims at:

  • Coordinating between the communication and information unit team to prepare various scientific activities and events.
  •  Disseminating and distributing information inside and outside the institute through the various available means.
  • Working on the regular update of the site’s content.
  •  Creating educational platforms (Moodle, MOOCs, etc.)
  •  Working on the production of various printed media such as magazines, flyers, posters and news brochures.
  •  Producing an audio-visual database for the Institute (photos and videos).
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