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Garden Inspiration


The creation of the “Jardin l’inspiration” followed the project to set up and finalize the National Institute of Research in Education (INRE) Media Library. as of June 28, 2021, in an environment of a scientific pole consisting of four research divisions, namely: “Educational Governance”, “Teaching, Didactic of Disciplines and Pedagogical Innovation”, “ School and its Environment”, and “Educational Technologies”.

This scientific centre aims to carry out research on educational methods; the dissemination and exploitation of the results of educational research;  the evaluation of educational innovations and the development of research in educational technologies.

We hope that INRE researchers find inspiration during their time of relaxation, while enjoying the sun, greenery and calm of the Jardin L’Inspiration in the media library.

A place of conviviality where users can rest, listen to music, work, gather for workshops…

El Achour, June 28, 2021

Radia BERNAOUI, Director of INRE.