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Preparation of Algerian students for the Mathematics Olympiad July 19 and 20, 2021 Saint Petersburg, Russia

 As part of Algeria’s participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad which will take place this year in Saint-Petresburg, Russia on July 19 – 20, 2021, a training process for the benefit of the Algerian team which will represent the national colors at this high-level scientific event was launched at the Mathematics High School “Mohand Mokhbi” in Kouba, Algeria.

This team, composed of six talented high school students, was selected by the Algerian Mathematics Olympiad Commission that was officially installed on March 4, 2021 at the National Institute for Research in Education (NIRE) on the basis of training and tests, as well as the results of the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad, held in Tunisia on May 23 – 24, 2021.

It concerns :

1- Chouikrat Maya, 3rd year secondary.

2- Belkhir Fida El Hak, 3rd year secondary

3- Mers Wafa, 3rd year secondary

4- Guerfi Choubaila, 2nd year secondary

5- Meddour Mohamed Wacyl, 1st year secondary

6- Kenane Youcef, 1st year secondary

On this occasion, we wish great success to our six (6) talented students.