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Feminine Entrepreneurship: Algerian Women Between Achievements and Challenges

On the seventh of March in the year two thousand and twenty-four, in the lecture hall of the National Institute for Research in Education under the supervision of the institute’s director, Pr. Radia Bernaoui, a study day was organized entitled “Feminine Entrepreneurship: Algerian Women Between Achievements and Challenges.” The study day commenced at nine o’clock in the morning, with the attendance of all institute staff, considering it a scientific and technological forum promoting the status of contemporary women in Algerian society. The aim was to explore feminine entrepreneurship in Algeria by addressing exemplary models in entrepreneurial leadership embodied in four presentations focusing on their experiences in the field of feminine entrepreneurship.

The session titled “Experiences of Female Entrepreneurs in Algeria” was chaired by Dr. Ziane Amna. The speaker Ms. Kenatef Wissila addressed the importance of feminine entrepreneurship amidst challenges and opportunities, discussing various obstacles facing feminine entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, Ms. Boumchad Hadjer and Ms. Regai Razika introduced the entrepreneurial experience through HR Technology, while Ms. Ourichi Safia shared their experience through PARMAKIDZ. The final intervention by Ms. Louiza Beskri centered on her achievements at EVIDENCE, highlighting the contributions of holographic technology in the creation of content and cinematic scenarios, aimed at developing audiovisual strategies that promote innovative creativity in the cinematic field.

Following the conclusion of the scientific session, an entertainment session was programmed, which initially focused on celebrating Algerian women by promoting Algerian buqalah poetry, reflecting cultural identity and civilization, by presenting a book entitled “Algerian buqalah  Returns to Andalusia,” and presenting buqalah poems as gifts to each pioneering woman in her field, reflecting the occasion and the scientific event. Additionally, a quiz was organized comprising questions about women’s general culture, with the participation of all institute staff.