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First National Innovation Salon in Mathematics Education MATHINCUBEDUC

On June 29, 2024, the National Institute for Educational Research (INRE) broke new ground in Algeria’s education sector by launching the first-ever National Mathematics Salon, MATHINCUBEDUC, under the direction of Pr. Bernaoui Radia, Director of INRE. This innovative event, held alongside the third International Forum on Mathematics Teaching and Learning, brought together a diverse array of stakeholders from education, entrepreneurship, and research.

 At the heart of the salon, INRE researchers showcased initiatives aimed at fostering creativity and entrepreneurial spirit through mathematics. They offered engaging math games for younger attendees and organized a team-based problem-solving competition for participants. Winners of the 2023 Tarbya-up Challenge, including Ta3leem Online and ISRAA Media, unveiled their innovative startups, highlighting cutting-edge solutions in math education.

The salon dedicated a pavilion to the Djezzy company, where its representative showcased educational methods that develop collective performance in adults, through ” serious ” games that combine entertainment and profit, as well as scientific clubs from the Koléa School of Management and the National School of Mathematics in Sidi Abdellah. Here, talented students presented projects on mathematical modeling and the application of AI in math teaching. The Algerian Association of Professional Coaches also stepped up, offering workshops designed to develop mathematical and entrepreneurial skills among primary, middle, and high school students.

MATHINCUBEDUC placed a strong emphasis on the practical and playful aspects of mathematics. Visitors had the chance to engage with mathematical concepts through interactive experiences. The dedicated fun zone boasted a variety of logic games, number puzzles, and math challenges catering to all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Alongside these activities, the salon hosted several discussion sessions exploring the intersection of entrepreneurship and mathematics. These talks brought together entrepreneurs, educators, and researchers to examine how mathematical skills can be a major asset in the business world. Topics ranged from using statistics in entrepreneurial decision-making to applying mathematical models for business process optimization, and the crucial role of logical and analytical thinking in innovation and problem-solving in commerce. This groundbreaking initiative highlighted the diversity of innovative approaches in teaching and applying mathematics, providing a unique platform for exchanging ideas and showcasing creative solutions in mathematics education