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Sensitization Day on Social Media under the slogan “Together to raise awareness of the dangers of the misuse of social media”

Within the framework of the national awareness campaign under the slogan: “Together to raise awareness of the dangers of the misuse of social media,” the National Institute for Research in Education organized on May 9, 2024, an awareness day on social media at the multimedia library “Omar Yasef.” The aim was to mitigate and prevent the disadvantages of social media use, particularly among children and adolescents.

Professor  Radia Barnaoui, the Director of the National Institute for Research in Education, inaugurated the event with an opening speech emphasizing the significance of addressing this topic to nurture well-adjusted youth capable of building a secure future, both psychologically and socially. The event witnessed the presence of research and administrative staff, facilitating discussions on the security, health, psychological, and social risks associated with negative social media usage.

Special attention was given to the impact of social media on academic performance. Parents shared their experiences and practices in safeguarding children and guiding them towards responsible media use. Additionally, security measures to mitigate risks and protect privacy were discussed.

The day concluded with a series of recommendations, including:

  • The pivotal role of family supervision in shielding children from social media misuse.
  • Family engagement and allocation of adequate time for children, fostering communication, and participation in activities to prevent excessive media consumption.
  •  The involvement of social institutions in promoting responsible social media usage.
  • Encouraging extracurricular activities in educational settings to provide emotional outlets and social interactions.
  • Activation of the roles of school psychologists and social workers in preventing the risks associated with social media misuse.