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“Journal of Educ Research” 

“Journal of Educ Research” 

“Journal of Educ Research” 


Publish date : 09/01/2011

Journal’s presentation

Educ Research is an international biannual and peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is edited by the National Institute for Research in Education (INRE) since 2011 and distributed, via the Algerian Scientific Journal Platform (ASJP). It is specialized in the field of education and open to all scientific contributions in research-action.

The editorial line is based on an evaluation, by an international reading committee, publishing original research articles, synthesis and scientific notes in the field of educational sciences in several languages (Arabic, French, English).

Educ Research aims to promote research work intended for a specialized audience (researchers and teacher-researchers). It is also aimed at national education executives (inspectors, pedagogues, didacticians, psychologists, etc.) to support them in their professional activities; in particular to help promote a quality school. It offers doctoral students and young researchers the opportunity to publish their research work.

The journal is distributed in Open Access, specifies and declares copyright, and ensures compliance with the code of ethics and professional conduct.

Educ Research deals with all aspects related to research and development in educational technologies, to the socio-cultural, economic and educational system environment, to the analysis of educational practices, to educational evaluation, to the philosophy of education, educational innovation and governance, assurance and quality, Educational sociology, psychometric, educational psychology.

            Its vocation is to accommodate any original text, dealing with interactions between education and its environment and integrating Information and Communication Technologies for Education (ICT).

            The editorial board comprises a publication director, an editor-in-chief, a co-editor-in-chief, two editorial secretaries, a scientific committee, a reading committee and linguistic correctors.

The Editorial Board of the journal “Educ Recherche”, published by the Institut National de Recherche en Education in Algeria, is delighted to announce the publication of the thirteenth volume, number 02- December 2023.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the production of this issue, in particular the members of the editorial board, the scientific committee, the professors, the reviewers, and all the researchers and authors who contributed to the enrichment of this issue. Please consult the following electronic link to read the full issue: